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  It's late at night and you have just gone to bed. It's quite and you start to drift off when you hear a whisper form the hallway. You lay awake listening. Minutes pass and all is quite again. Then just a you start  to relax, you hear footsteps on the stairs. You gently rise and sneak to the stairs where you find......nothing. You mumble to yourself and go back to bed feeling a little foolish. And as you pull the covers back up around your shoulders, there is a thump from the closet. You sit up and listen, then wonder, has that dark shadow in the corner always been there?
  It's nights like these that make us wonder if we may have an unseen entity lurking about or was it just the cat. Most of us have had these things happen to us at one time or another. Bumps in the dark can leave you wondering and imagining all sorts of things. Usually it's nothing more than an old house settling . Maybe just the heat kicking on or a playful kitty. But sometimes it is something more. That bump in the dark that doesn't quite fit the norm. That's where we come in as paranormal investigators.

   We are professional paranormal investigators who are in search of answers. You may be asking yourself what we mean by professional. It simply means the way in which we conduct ourselves and our investigations. Some of our equipment involves everything from high end night vision cameras to electromagnetic field meters. All of which is used to study and document the phenomena  in a scientific manor.

   We understand that not all people are receptive to the fact that you may be having paranormal activity in your home or business. Thus all of our investigations are confidential . We also do not charge for a investigation.  In our view, we can't see how you justify charging for something that has never been proving to exist.

   As you browse through our website, you will learn more about our team. Our goals are not to get rich or famous. In the end its not even to prove the existence of ghosts. We are simply looking to find answers to the knocks, thumps and things that go bump in the dark.

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